Spotted Eagle Ray Fish Report

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The spotted Eagle Ray also known as Aetobatus narinari is a type of stingray that is part of the family Myliobatidae. The Spotted Eagle Ray varies in size usually around 4-8 feet and swim at a depth of 10-80 feet. They typically have long snouts and a thick scull with a single row of crescent shaped teeth. The Eagle Rays body is black or blue with white spots on top while the bottom is all white. They do not have a caudal fin but have these long whip like tails. Eagle Rays are mostly found in the western Atlantic/ Caribbean. Eagle Rays are commonly found in large schools.

The Spotted Eagle Ray is a predator that is able to search for benthic invertebrates. They mostly feed off of mainly bivalves shrimps, crabs, octopus, clams, and sea urchins. The sting rays sharp teeth are able to crush the prey between their teeth and separate the shells with the

The Spotted Eagle Ray is not a big focus for fisheries. Due to the poor quality of the sting rays flesh it is rarely eaten. Instead the sting ray is used for fishmeal and oil. They are mostly fished for aquarium use since they don’t get eaten. The way they are fished is with huge trawls that picks up everything that gets stuck in its net.

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